Princess Party Pricing

Silver Princess Party (60 Minutes):
Price: $150, Up to 10 Guests ($5 per extra guest)
*Snow Queen & Ice Princess together Price: $275

  • Entertainment from the Princess of your choice
  • Interactive Princess story time
  • Teach singing and dancing like a Prince or Princess
  • Bring 10 Tiaras/Prince Crowns to do a Coronation Ceremony
  • Group and individual photo opportunity
Gold Princess Party (90 Minutes):
Price: $200, Up to 10 Guests ($5 per extra guest)
*Snow Queen & Ice Princess together Price: $350

  • Everything from Pearl Party, plus...
  • Additional half hour with the Princess
  • Play "Manners & Etiquette" game during cake & ice cream or tea party
  • Play "Wishing like a Princess" game during present time
Diamond Princess Event (120 Minutes):
Price: $300, Up to 15 Guests ($10 per extra guest)
*Snow Queen & Ice Princess together Price: $425

  • Everything from Silver Party, plus...
  • Additional half hour with the Princess
  • Snowflake Face Painting
  • Play Snowball toss game

*Travel fee applies to any drive more than 20 minutes from South Jordan

*Pricing shown is based on Private Princess Birthday Parties in Utah; contact us for details on booking a Princess Party outside of Utah, a large event, Elementary School, or Library

New Testimonial

Create magical memories that will last a lifetime by inviting a REAL Princess to your child's birthday party, or your public children's event. Click HERE for Pricing

Here's what one mother had to say-

Hollie W. – South Jordan, UT

“It is with great pleasure that I personally recommend Princess Amerah for your child’s party. I cannot express what a sweet person she is. I have been to Disneyland several times and absolutely none of the characters there compare to the talent and natural affinity she has for children.

The Princess took gentle command of twenty, 4-5 year olds for over an hour without losing a single one of them, they were enthralled and entertained, and it was a magical time for all of them.

She has a beautiful voice and to hear her sing was a joy. My daughter was literally shaking with excitement and still has not stopped talking about her special birthday and how she screamed when the Princess knocked on the door. If you want to give your little girl a party she will remember the rest of her life, this is the Princess you need to contact, she makes the magic happen! (And not to mention what a small price for a big investment in your daughter’s childhood memories!!)”

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Call or e-mail Justine today to book your event 801-664-9422,

You Can Be a Princess, Too *Sing-a-long*

Sing along with Princess Amerah to her new song "You Can Be a Princess, Too"

Let Princess Amerah know what YOUR child wants to be when they grow up! Leave a comment or make your own video & post it as a video response on YouTube! (just click into the "comments" box, then click "attach a video" to the right)

Princess Amerah and a Pie in the Face

Should a Princess shove a pie into someone's face...? Well, maybe she SHOULDN'T, but

Princess Amerah's Summer at Cherry Hill

Thank you for spending a very magical summer with Princess Amerah at Cherry Hill – the best Water Park, Family Fun Center, and Camping Resort in Utah!
Each Wednesday, Princess Amerah would arrive at Cherry Hill in her summer best, ready to delight and engage the guests on the “Grant’s Gulch” stage in the Water Park. Before each show, you would see the children gathering around the Princess for a chance to take pictures and receive one of her famous hugs.

During each show, Princess Amerah would choose a few lucky guests to come on stage to wear costumes and pretend to be one of the fun characters from her story! Some of the favorites included Sadie – Princess Amerah’s puppy and best friend, and Walter the Watermelon Man – a quirky, yet jolly man with a bright green mustache.

A favorite part of the show for most guests, are the 4 original songs Princess Amerah sings throughout her story time.
These songs include:
  • “You Can Be a Princess, Too” – which encourages girls and boys to use their imagination, and always follow their dreams
  • “I Can Belong” – Amerah discovers for the first time, where she came from and that she is a Princess
  • “I Can Be Brave” – the usually frightened and shy Princess Amerah, finds the courage to stand up to the evil Queen Olga
  • “I Can Believe” – this one is a crowd favorite – Princess Amerah is no longer the frightened young girl she once was, she is now a brave Princess, and this song depicts the Princess’ new found bravery and confidence.
All four songs were written for Princess Amerah by the talented Janie Wallace.

      After story time, Princess Amerah joins the children face-to-face once again to take pictures, and sign Princess posters for each guest.

      How to Throw the Perfect Princess Birthday Party

      Is your little girl dying to have a "Princess" themed *Birthday Party*? Well here's a "How to" video of what I (Princess Amerah) personally do to entertain at the *Princess Birthday Parties* I am hired for. This video is full of fun ideas that I have prepared and tested for almost a year, to be the most entertaining AND beneficial to a child's growth!

      A Magical Princess Workout - Featuring ChicBuds

      Have you ever wondered how a Princess works out? Well you're in luck with this new Princess Amerah video!

      This fun video features Princess Amerah’s magic workout and the magic her dress has – it will show you why she is raving about the fantastic, new chicBuds! Visit the website to get your own!

      Manners & Etiquette - How Princess Amerah Eats a Burger!

      This is a fun-filled video on how a Princess should eat her burger! It's a fun lesson on Manners & Etiquette! I hope you enjoy it!

      Did you like this video? Do you have suggestions for more video ideas?
      Leave a comment to tell me what you think!

      What are People Saying about Princess Amerah?

      Read this post to see what bloggers are saying about Princess Amerah!

      Princess Amerah Birthday Party
      Flores Family Blog - Princess Amerah attended a Princess Party for a special little girl, here's what her mother had to say!

      "Our Princess turned 3 on March 27!! We threw her a Princess Party, because you all know how OBSESSED she is with princesse's. I did alot of researching before hiring my princess ( months in advance ) And Princess Amerah was the BEST in Utah. I recommend her 100 percent!! please visit her website, she is amazing!!"

      Disneyland Resort Paris Fan Site - The webmaster of the Disneyland Resort Paris Fan site saw the Book Trailer for Princess Amerah and the Magic Dress and requested an interview with Princess Amerah!

      See the Interview!

      Princess_feature - Princess Party Feature

      Owner of saw Justine Green (who plays Princess Amerah) entertain at a Princess Party her daughter attended. She loved the party so much that she just had to feature Magic Princess Parties on her website! So she negotiated to get the readers of her website 25% off of any Princess Party booked today!

      Click HERE to see the Feature and get the discount!

      bailey's birthday 012
      The Keil Bunch Blog - Writes about their daughters' experience at a Princess Party with Princess Amerah

      The writer of this post is the Mother of two guest Princesses who were

      invited to the party! Read about their experience!

      The Cummingham Blog - Writes about her cute little girls meeting Princess Amerah at a Library Event

      Look at these cute little Princesses! They all followed my instructions to "hold their hands like a Princess" flawlessly and I am so happy to have met these three!

      The Staska Family Blog - Writes about a Royal Ball with Princess Amerah

      Princess Keely was just beautiful, and we had a wonderful time dancing, singing, and playing together at her Princess Birthday Party!

      D3 Deezign - Talks about what it takes to digitally illustrate Princess Amerah's Children's Book

      Steve is a wonderfully talented graphic designer, and artist. He has worked countless hours with us to make sure every image for our book is perfect!

      watching the rain and princess storytime 012small
      Flanders Family Blog - Writes about her daughters' experience at a Princess Story Time with Princess Amerah

      Princess Abby is my biggest fan, and I just love seeing her at my events!

      behind the scenes
      LeggNet - Gives you a sneak peek behind the scenes at the photo shoot for Princess Amerah's new book

      Rich does shots for i-Stockphoto and Getty Images, he is very talented and I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of amazing photography work!

      Flanders Family Blog - Writes about her daughter's Royal Birthday Party with Princess Amerah

      Because Abby is my very biggest fan, I offered to do a free Royal Princess Party for her! She and her little sister are just adorable and I had a blast at this party! Abby even picked out beautiful roses to give to me as a thank you!

      Princess Amerah 1
      Tianne Marie Pierce - Gives you a sneak peek of makeup behind the scenes for Princess Amerah's week long photo shoot

      Tianne is a very talented makeup artist, she was able to listen to my not-so-clear instructions and create exactly what I was envisioning; every time!

      Princess Amerah at a Royal Library Event
      Flanders Family Blog - Writes about her daughters' experience at ANOTHER Princess Story Time with Princess Amerah

      This is a cute blog post of Abby and Lauren, my biggest fans! It was their second time seeing me at a Royal Library Event! This one was beautiful outside!

      Charles Charmon - Posts a video of Justine (aka Princess Amerah) meeting Video Marketing Queen Maria Andros

      I was so pleased to meet my mentor Maria Andros, she is as beautiful a person inside as she is out. She has given me so much, and I am eternally grateful to Maria.

      Swanky Paper - Made custom Princess Amerah Invitations and Stationary!

      I have had several of my customers order these invitations, & thank you stationary, and I have heard nothing but raving comments for the beautiful quality! Heather is so sweet, and professional. She will always make sure you are satisfied!

      LeggNet - Gives you ANOTHER sneak peek behind the scenes. This one is the Book Cover from the week long photo shoot for Princess Amerah's new book

      Rich Legg matched the lighting from the background images so perfectly, that the images for our book are seamless and so real. THANK YOU Rich!