Princess Amerah's Summer at Cherry Hill

Thank you for spending a very magical summer with Princess Amerah at Cherry Hill – the best Water Park, Family Fun Center, and Camping Resort in Utah!
Each Wednesday, Princess Amerah would arrive at Cherry Hill in her summer best, ready to delight and engage the guests on the “Grant’s Gulch” stage in the Water Park. Before each show, you would see the children gathering around the Princess for a chance to take pictures and receive one of her famous hugs.

During each show, Princess Amerah would choose a few lucky guests to come on stage to wear costumes and pretend to be one of the fun characters from her story! Some of the favorites included Sadie – Princess Amerah’s puppy and best friend, and Walter the Watermelon Man – a quirky, yet jolly man with a bright green mustache.

A favorite part of the show for most guests, are the 4 original songs Princess Amerah sings throughout her story time.
These songs include:
  • “You Can Be a Princess, Too” – which encourages girls and boys to use their imagination, and always follow their dreams
  • “I Can Belong” – Amerah discovers for the first time, where she came from and that she is a Princess
  • “I Can Be Brave” – the usually frightened and shy Princess Amerah, finds the courage to stand up to the evil Queen Olga
  • “I Can Believe” – this one is a crowd favorite – Princess Amerah is no longer the frightened young girl she once was, she is now a brave Princess, and this song depicts the Princess’ new found bravery and confidence.
All four songs were written for Princess Amerah by the talented Janie Wallace.

      After story time, Princess Amerah joins the children face-to-face once again to take pictures, and sign Princess posters for each guest.

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